Nutritional Assessment of Bariatric Surgery Patients Presenting for Plastic Surgery

More and more post-bariatric patients are presenting for open body contouring every year. As we know, loss of massive weight in a relatively short period of time can result in any of several nutritional abnormalities, including negative protein balance, blood glucose instability, and vitamin deficiencies. A recent study (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. Vol 126, No 2., […]

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4 breast deformities seen in the massive weight loss patient.

The breast tissue of patients who have lost significant amounts of weight appears and  behaves differently than the breast tissue of non-bariatric patients. Here are the 4 reasons why: 1) The breast often has significant and sometimes asymmetric breast volume loss, with a flat & deflated appearance. 2) The breast tissue suffers from a dramatic […]

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