Commendation recognizes Dr. Brenner’s surgical charity and skill as a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Recently, Dr. Kevin Brenner was presented with this official commendation from The City of Los Angeles and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. This ornate certificate is not simply beautiful visually, but is also beautiful for what it represents.  In this certificate of appreciation, our city’s representatives (including Mayor Villaraigosa) take note of the exceptional services that Dr. […]

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Nasolabial flap reconstruction for skin cancer repair: ready for stage two.

Nasolabial flap reconstruction of the nasal ala (nostril) is a staged procedure that requires skill, dilligence and judgment during execution for skin cancer repair. This patient is pictured here three weeks following his first stage operation for correction of this left nasal ala defect that was left following Moh’s extirpation of a basal cell carcinoma. […]

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FDA approves drug that increases survival in melanoma patients

As a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Los Angeles, I devote a large portion of my practice to the treatment and prevention of skin cancers and the reconstruction of skin cancer defects. Although the treatment of patients with late stage melanoma is usually managed by oncologists, I wanted to share my excitement about the […]

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Drug may reduce skin cancers in organ transplant patients

A recent observational study in Minnesota (Jirakulaporn, et al. Capecitabine for skin cancer prevention in solid organ transplant recipients. Clin Transplant Nov,2010) has shown that continuous use of a drug named capecitabine may reduce the occurrence of new non-melanoma type skin cancers in solid organ transplant patients. Organ transplant recipients are at significantly increased risk […]

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Nose Reconstruction using a Nasolabial Flap: Dr. Brenner’s approach to skin cancer reconstruction

Interesting nose reconstruction case in a Los Angeles skin cancer patient: Reconstruction of a nasal skin cancer defect: This patient presented to me for nose reconstruction of this large defect of the left ala and cheek. The patient underwent Moh’s excision of an infiltrative basal cell carcinoma. Unfortunately, the tumor involved the near entirety of […]

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How many different types of Basal Cell Carcinoma do you know?

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) can occur in several shapes and sizes. Test your knowledge: 1) Nodular BCC: These tumors present as a nodule on the skin and appear translucent or pearly in color. 2)Ulcerating (Infiltrating) BCC: These tumors present as an erosion or ulcer, commonly with overlying crusting and a rolled border. These are commonly […]

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