Did you know that eating pineapple before surgery can help reduce your swelling?

Bromelain is an enzyme that digests protein.  Bromelain has been shown to be helpful in aiding digestion, as an anti-inflammatory for the relief of joint inflammation (very helpful for athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritic conditions),  and for relief after traumatic injury and after surgery. New research has also demonstrated important immune system and […]

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MAC (monitored anesthesia care) and plastic surgery…

Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) is defined as the presence of an anesthesia provider (separate from the operating surgeon) to monitor vital signs and/or administer intravenous medications to patients receiving local anesthesia for surgical procedures. This is also known as intravenous (IV) sedation. Many outpatient procedures could be performed with MAC instead of general anesthesia. The […]

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