Sunscreen and Silicone in one gel for surgical scars: Biocorneum


Biocorneum, available in two convenient sizes.

Post-operative surgical scars in sun exposed areas pose a great healing challenge. Scars take nearly a full calendar year to heal as they mature, soften, flatten and fade. During that time, new scars are highly susceptible to UV photo damage. For that reason, I always advise my patients to keep their scars covered and avoid significant sun exposure during that year of healing.  Should a scar become exposed to sunlight, it is very possible that the scar can develop color changes (either redness, or dark brown pigmentation)  that can be permanent.  While I always keep post-operative incisions covered with surgical tapes for the first few weeks following a procedure, most patients find it difficult to keep them on for longer. Using Biocorneum (which is essentially Kelocote with sunscreen mixed in) obviates that problem.

Biocorneum is an advanced silicone treatment that has SPF 30 built in. Biocorneum use will help to  minimize the appearance of scars and help protect against sun damage by using  UV protective ingredients.  This will  decrease existing erythema (redness) and hyperpigmentation, and help protect against further color change in the future. Once applied, Biocorneum dries, forming an invisible silicone sheet over the area of scar.

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